Welcome to Our Family

Welcome to Our Family: A Baby Journal for LGBT Families By Sally Lindsay Illustrated by Laura Shepard Two Lives Publishing, 2004 978-0967446844 Ages By using this link to Amazon, you support our efforts to create and provide books to children with … Continue reading

Mommy, Momma, and Me

Mommy, Momma, and Me By Leslea Newman Illustrated by Carol Thompson Babies Board Book     … Continue reading

Everywhere Babies

Everywhere Babies By Susan Meyers Illustrated by Marla Frazee Ages 3-6 There are dozens of delicious babies crawling through the pages of this busy picture book, and lots of family members surround them – including some of our families!  In … Continue reading

Daddy, Papa, and Me

Daddy, Papa, and Me By Lesléa Newman Illustrated by Carol Thompson Babies HB, Board Book … Continue reading