ABC A Family  Alphabet Book by Bobbie Combs123 A Family Counting Book by Bobbie CombsTwo Lives began publishing in 1999, creating books for children with LGBTQ parents. Since then, we have watched with pride as some of the mainstream publishers have become more inclusive of our families in the books they publish. We have also seen, and been affected by, the many changes that technology has brought to the publishing industry. Because of these industry changes, we are no longer actively publishing books, but we have converted the books we’ve published into a “print-on-demand” model so that they are still available for purchase.
Felicia's Favorite StoryThe Different Dragon by Jennifer BryanEl dragon diferente by Jennifer Bryan
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ABC: A Family Alphabet Book
123: A Family Counting Book
The Different Dragon
El dragón diferente
The Case of the Stolen Scarab
The Case of the Vanishing Valuables
Felicia’s Favorite Story

Case of the Vanishing Valuables:  by Nancy GardenThe Case of the Stolen Scarab by Nancy GardenComing Soon
Saturday is Pattyday
Lavender Nursery Tales

Out of print: (but available used from online retailers)
The Harvey Milk Story
Welcome to Our Family
The Harvey Milk Story  Welcome to Our Family by Sally Lindsay